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100% electric. Unstoppable impulse.

Up to:






0-100KPH in:




Select your ideal colour and wheel combination.

Environment Layer
Aurora Blue  colour  New CUPRA Born available with 20” blizzard aero wheel




Aurora Blue  colour  Rayleigh Red colour Geyser Silver  colour Quasar Grey  colour Glacial White colour


Vapor Grey colour


New CUPRA Born available with 20” blizzard aero wheel New CUPRA Born available with 20” hurricane aero wheel New CUPRA Born available with 20” firestorm aero wheel New CUPRA Born available with 19” copper typhoon aero wheel New CUPRA Born available with 19” typhoon aero wheel New CUPRA Born available with 18” cyclone aero wheel


Engineered for emission-free performance. Drive a maximum all-electric range of 548km without compromising on distinct CUPRA character.


Designed to feel

Charge your senses through swift power. Dynamic electric energy, defined lines and a sporty character.

Dynamic Chassis Control

Exhilarating CUPRA driving experience. Switch driving modes or adjust suspension along every curve.


A system specially customised by CUPRA that delivers signature character and emits an exterior sound to alert pedestrians.

Performance pack

Incorporating Performance and wider tyres with 20” Aero wheels and DCC. Broader design, remarkable grip.

Discover electrification


Maximum torque, instant acceleration. Full electric engines allow you to feel amplified power right from the very start.


Striking design meets instant electric performance.



Battery 45 kWh (55kWh) / 110 kW

Automatic 1-speed/Electric

Engine features

Max. Power

150 HP

Electric Range

349 km

Acceleration (0-100KPH)

8.9 s

Max. Power

204 HP

Electric Range

427 km

Acceleration (0-100KPH)

7.3 s

Main Highlights

  • 18’’ Aero wheels
  • Heated CUPRA steering wheel
  • 12’’ touch screen
  • Bucket seats
  • Climatronic 2 zones
  • Interior ambient light
  • Aluminium pedals
  • CUPRA Welcome Light


Make your vehicle smart by activating CONNECT online services: from remote vehicle control to online music & navigation.


Always connected

Climatise your vehicle before departure and control the charging process remotely with My CUPRA App*. Got a Navi System Plus? Access online navigation with data in real time, find charging stations and browse more than 10,000 radio stations and podcasts from around the world.

*The My CUPRA App will be available soon and some functionalities will be available at a further time.


  • Charging and climatisation customised to your schedule
  • Send destinations from the My CUPRA App to your car*
  • Online Voice Assistant
  • Check Charging Stations for power types and opening hours


You will be able to buy the CUPRA Born starting from November 2021.

No. By sending us your preferred CUPRA Born personalisation, you'll be the first to be informed of all related news and we'll be able to contact you as soon as the new CUPRA Born is available for purchase. A CUPRA Master will be in touch with you and offer you the chance to be one of the first to test drive and buy a CUPRA Born. This personalisation is not binding in any way and is free of charge.

The configuration features, as well as the technical specifications and the recommended prices, are estimated values subject to change.

Test Drive for the new CUPRA Born will be available starting November 2021 in selected countries and within the first months of 2022 for other countries.

You can do the personalisation as many times as you wish. Sending it will generate a follow up so we can keep you informed on when the car will be available for purchase.

Just like combustion vehicles, the consumption (and, as a consequence, the range) of an electric vehicle will change depending on the use and orography of the land. If the use is 100% urban, the range after a 100% charge will be greater, as a lot of energy is restored while braking. On the other hand, if the use is 100% on highways, the autonomy will be less, as electric vehicles consume more energy on higher velocities. This range can also change depending on the weather. For more info, you can access the CUPRA electrification page.

The biggest difference is in the consumption. The cost of electricity is usually cheaper than fuel or diesel. Thanks to this, we can drive 100km for as little as 1€ (depending on the country). Additionally, an electric vehicle has much fewer maintenance costs than a combustion one as it has sturdier parts and they are fewer too, meaning there is less wear and tear on them.

You can charge the new CUPRA Born at home, on the road, or at your destination. Charge up at home with a conventional plug or with a CUPRA charger. If you charge your CUPRA Born away from home (on your way to your destination or at the destination itself) you can use the public AC charging points or public DC (Super-fast Charge) chargers.

Depending on the charge type, it can take from a few minutes to some hours to charge the CUPRA Born. For more info, you can access the electrification page of CUPRA.

Yes, you will find our CUPRA charger with its installation offer on the CUPRA website. 

The new CUPRA Born has a length of 4,322mm, a width of 1,809mm and a height of 1,537mm with a maximum total weight of 2,260kg. It also has a boot capacity of 385 litres. For more info you can check the CUPRA Born Technical Specifications inside the specifications section.

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*Long range Battery 77kWh (548km range) and steering wheel with satellites will be available from 2022.

**Some augmented reality HUD functionalities will be available from 2022.

The CUPRA Born is a prototype vehicle currently not available for sale and pending type approval. The prices and technical data displayed are estimates and could vary. The available power (kW) and acceleration of the vehicle depend on the battery charge level and its temperature at any given time. The images of the vehicle shown are for illustrative and informative purposes only and may not correspond to the final approved product.

The accurate range for your vehicle will vary according to a number of different factors which include the route, weather conditions, vehicle load (occupants + luggage), battery age and condition, optional equipment (alloys, tyres, etc.), the use of peripheral energy consumption systems such as heating, air conditioning and heated seats, as well as your driving style. The indicated range is a provisional value and has been calculated in compliance with the WLTP regulation which sets out standard test conditions applicable to all car manufacturers. This ensures that the values calculated in accordance with this regulation are comparable for all vehicles.