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With last year’s launch of the CUPRA Formentor, seekers of high-performance power and sportive ingenuity were given the chance to experience our first unique model. A car that was exclusively designed to embody our belief in boundary-pushing innovation. But with this founding principle at the core of everything CUPRA does, it was only a matter of time before we pushed even further. The result? The CUPRA Formentor VZ5.

Taking part of its name from the Spanish word “Veloz”, meaning speed, and adding a “5”, in reference to the advanced 5-cylinder engine that powers it, the full scope of the CUPRA Formentor VZ5’s capabilities offers up a redefining feat in contemporary engineering and design. This truly is the most progressive expression of pure CUPRA performance and exclusivity to date.

Cupra formentor magnetic tech matte

So, what can you expect from the VZ5? The most powerful CUPRA ever has a dynamic 2.5 litre, 5-cylinder engine giving an astounding 390hp while generating the warmest, most captivating engine-roar of the range. It reaches 100km/h in just 4.2 seconds and delivers a top speed of 250km/h. Plus, it comes complete with a revolutionary, dual-clutch transmission for smoother, swifter shifting and 4Drive technology to offer reactionary grip and agility in every conceivable situation.         

Further customisation over drive-experience comes in the form of mode selection. With a diverse range of configurable, command-altering modes to choose from, letting you take greater control over suspension, steering and power delivery. All of this is eloquently topped off by 375mm AKEBONO brakes for superior stopping power, making the VZ5 the enthusiast’s choice.

Sophisticated design

Propelled forward by 20" Copper Machined Alloy wheels that improve performance while adding further sophistication to your drive, the VZ5’s exterior is built for speed and fittingly augmented by matching Carbon Fibre detailing throughout. This unique CUPRA touch, on both the side spoilers and the rear diffuser, even extends to the copper trimmed aluminium logo: an exclusive detail that can only be found on the VZ5. And with redesigned robust bumpers, a power-inducing, double-twin exhaust and the upcoming, special edition Taiga Grey finish, the VZ5’s high-profile aesthetic leaves nothing to the imagination.

Inside you’ll find all-new CUPBucket seats in bespoke leather for superlative lateral support and comfort, along with a 10.25" Digital Cockpit that puts all your driving data directly in your line of vision. And when it comes to connectivity, you can enjoy remote access from anywhere with CUPRA CONNECT, plus, online infotainment and navigation is all accessible through the VZ5’s high-definition 12" touchscreen: ensuring your world is always within reach.

Innovative technology

Along with its rich array of boundary-pushing, high-performance capabilities and unique design features, the final crowning highlight to the VZ5’s plethora of treats are its inbuilt semiautonomous driving assistance technologies. By combining the high-octane richness and relentless power of a full petrol powertrain with the latest, most innovative technology and safety features, the VZ5 is an entirely new beast altogether. Complete with Travel Assist to offer advanced driver safety that keeps you in lane and protects you while en route, and Park Assist which eases both the beginning and end of your journey by steering you in and out of your chosen parking space.

As a redefining, truly CUPRA creation, the CUPRA Formentor VZ5 is something that has to be experienced before you can fully gauge the extent of its boundless potential. It is the ultimate expression of combustion performance: a lasting tribute to “petrol-heads” everywhere. And with a limited run of just 7,000 units, its enduring exclusivity is guaranteed.